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TRACE N' WIPE is our dual purpose whiteboard and tracing pocket which will bring A4 Whiteboards to the next level. This is a great learning aid to help children with template lessons.


Thanks to our TRACE N' WIPE system, all you have to do is simply insert any sheet of paper you want to trace in between the clear plastic overlay and white board. Using a whiteboard marker to trace out whatever is on your sheet of paper eg: Handwriting, Numbers, Clock Time, Drawing etc. . Then simply wipe away the marker from the plastic cover using a cloth.  You can repeat again and again or change out your sheet of paper and trace something new!   You can use the front and reverse as a traditional dry Whiteboard, making this the most versatile product on the market.


Save on printer and paper costs by re-using the templates over and over again instead of a single use.


Each Trace N Wipe comes with qty x 2 lesson templates.


Trace N Wipe - Single Item x Qty 1


Trace N' Wipe - Only

  • Size H 297mm W 210mm (8-1/4 x 11-3/4 in)

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