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Why Trace N' Wipe ?

The Dual-Functional Tracing Pocket and Whiteboard

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Benefits of using the Trace N' Wipe

  • Tracing helps children refine their pre-writing skills, and helps build the foundation for drawing and writing letters and words.

  • Tracing is beneficial because it improves:

    • Fine motor skills

    • Pre-writing skills

    • Concentration and focus

    • Visual-spatial skills

    • Creativity and drawing skills

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How To Use

Step 1:
Lift cover to insert Template

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Step 2:
Start Tracing

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Step 3:

Erase Work

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Step 4:
Start Again

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Advantages of Tracing and Wiping


Tracing helps children practice the skills necessary for writing and developing hand eye



Tracing an image helps focus on the physical demands of drawing without worrying about  getting it right.  Lesson mistakes it can be wiped out and lesson repeated.

Concentration and Focus

Tracing helps develop a childs working memory and attention by having to follow the lines and remind themselves to keep the marker moving over the lines.

Fine Motor Skills

Simple activities, such as tracing lines and shapes, can build strength and coordination between  childrens fingers, hands, and wrists. 

Visual-spatial skill

Tracing an image can help children focus on the physical requirements of drawing without worrying about  getting it right or wrong.


Tracing encourages children to keep trying and practicing, which helps build childrens confedence.

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