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About Us

Alan Ryan - Managing Director
  • E-Lam began developing and manufacturing Trace N Wipe and Dry Wipe whiteboards for students in 2019 in response to listening to our school customers.   Trace N' Wipe is a dry wipe writing aid for lesson templates used by children in schools and/or at home.  Trace N Wipe is portable, can be used indoors or outdoors, easy to store and wipe clean and re-usable.

  • E-Lam is an Irish manufacturing.   We also manufacture self-adhesive PVC, PP, Organic laminate materials & non adhesive rolls which are used by library suppliers around the world to protect paperback text and library books.   

  • Protecting books with durable non-removable book covers helps libraries and schools save money; keeps book covers looking fresh and new; helps paperback text and library books retain their shape and prevents sagging on bookshelves; and also to stand up to greater wear and tear in children's schoolbags.

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