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The TRACE N' WIPE Classpack contains the following:


  • Qty x 30 A4 TRACE N' WIPES
  • Qty x 36 DRY WIPE PENS in BLACK,
  • Qty x 1 of 100ML CLEANING LIQUID




We are very excited to announce the latest edition to our E-Lam design range, TRACE N' WIPE. Our dual-purpose whiteboard and tracing pocket which will bring A4 Whiteboards to the next level. This is a great learning aid to help children with template lessons.


Thanks to our TRACE N' WIPE system, all you have to do is simply insert any sheet of paper you want to trace in between the clear overlay and white board. Using a whiteboard marker to trace out whatever is on your sheet of paper eg: Handwriting, Numbers, Clock Time, Drawing etc. . Then simply wipe away the marker from the plastic cover using a cloth. You can repeat again and again or change out your sheet of paper and trace something new!


Save on printer and paper costs by re-using the templates over and over again instead of a single use.


Trace N Wipe is also available separately and in packs of 30, 10 and 5.




Ideal for use in class as:

  • Tracing Lessons
  • Playtime and Doodling
  • Show N Tell


** This product can be fully recycled after use and put in your green bin **


Advantages of tracing

  • Tracing is fun
  • Tracing helps to create familiarity with shapes, letters, numbers
  • Tracing helps develop fine motor skills (a pre-cursor to writing)
  • It develops visual special skills
  • Tracing helps to boost confidence, communication skills
  • Tracing helps through repetitive exercises until lesson is mastered
  • Tracing aids concentration as there is a given task to complete.
  • It uses both sides of the brain


Trace N' Wipe Classpack

  • Trace N Wipe for your school is the Ideal addition replacing the traditional A4 Flexible whiteboards with our unique A4 Whiteboard with Transparent Flexible flap, that allows you to insert any printed A4 template that you would like, from Writing Lessons to Maths to Fun drawing games. Ideal for all ages from 4 years upwards. Or use any standard Dry Wipe Pen or Our own Brand E-lam pens. Saving you paper and money which is great for the Environment. Trace N Wipe is also Ideal for Special Needs Children.

  • We ship all order with DPD or An Post, usually transit time is 3 to 7 days 

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