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Trace N Wipe is an amazing product, with so many uses. It has a unique transparent flexible overlay that allows you to insert any printed template of so that you can trace your chosen design.  It can also be used as an instant dry wipe whiteboard too . From School/Home/Office.

Trace N' Wipe

SKU: 0002
  • The New Trace N Wipe is a unique product that has so many uses from School/Home/Office, it is Suitable for all ages from 4 year upwards.

    Trace N Wipe allows you to put any sheet pf paper under its clear flap which instantly converts it into a dry wipe surface, meaning you can reuse the paper template over and over, which is great for the Environment. Use it for learning writing skill, drawing, or create you on templates from to do list to fun games.

    A4 size 950 Micron flexible board, can be used with any standard Dry Wipe pens, including our own brand E-Lam pens.

    Each Pack comes with the following:

    Qty 1 x Trace N Wipe. Qty 1 x Dry Wipe Pens and 1 x Microfibre cloth and 2 x Printed Lesson Templates.

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