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Trace N Wipe - Fun for Home and Travel

E-Lam's Trace N wipe is a dual purpose Tracing Pocket and Whiteboard, which makes writing, tracing, drawing and learning fun for children in the home or school environment.

It may look like a dry wipe whiteboard (and it is) but it is also and primarily a tracing pocket too.

It is easy to use and easy to keep clean. Simply lift up the clear cover of the Trace N Wipe and place your chosen lesson template underneath (as below) and start to trace.

Lift the Front Cover to place in your chosen tracing template
Then start to trace

By using the Trace N Wipe you are giving your child the confidence to be able to draw or write and not worry about making mistakes as they can simple rub it away and start again. Also it means that the same template can be used again and again, saving on printing and waste.

Easily rub off with a microfiber cloth and start again

The Trace N Wipe is sold in Single packs and is also available in pack of 30 items which is ideal for the school/class environment.

The Single Packs come with 1 x Trace N Wipe, 1 x Dry Wipe Marker, 1 x Microfiber Cloth and they also include 2 x Lesson Template's.

The Class Packs come with 30 x Trace N Wipe, 36 x Dry Wipe Markers, 30 Microfiber Cloths and a bottle of Cleaning Liquid to clean the Trace N Wipe Boards.

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